Couple Honeymooning in Spa Rescue 20 Babies from a Burnguild

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Couple Honeymooning in Spain Rescue 20 Babies from a Burning Building

Couple Honeymooning in Spain Rescue 20 Babies from a Burning Building

A Rhode Island couple honeymooning in Spain is responsible for rescuing dozens of babies trapped in a burning building in Barcelona.

According toCBN News, Doran Smith and David Squillante of Bristol, Rhode Island, traveled to Spain last month to celebrate their honeymoon, which was delayed by nearly two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple, both 38, were on a scenic tour in Barcelona Park when they saw panicked women running out of a burning building.

I saw a flame coming out of the doorway next to the door that these women had come out of, Smith toldWJAR-TV. So I said, Oh my God, theres a fire.

Squillante, whose father and grandfather were Bristol firefighters, quickly jumped into action. Upon entering the building, he realized it was a nursery with dozens of babies inside. He also noted that nobody in the building spoke English.

Instinct took over, he recalled. I found myself looking at 15, 20 babies sleeping, and immediately just kind of lined everyone up, and we started grabbing them, putting them into the crib.

The couple and several other bystanders worked together to rescue all the children from the building as it filled with smoke from an apparent electrical fire.

We were just literally taking cribs with a few kids in [them] and rolling them across the street to the high school lobby, Smith explained.

As reported byTODAY, Squillante believes that the entire ordeal lasted 10 minutes, but noted that it felt like a split second.

It felt like we watched it in a movie, he said. It just didnt feel real.

But yeah, it turned out to be OK, you know? Squillante.

After firefighters arrived and the situation was placed under control, the couple resumed their tour as if it were a normal day.

Photo courtesy: Max Kukurudziak/Unsplash

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