Wildfires raging in Europe What where and why?

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As emergency services battle wildfires across Europe, we take a look at the event and the probable causes.

Once a rare occurrence, extreme fires are now becoming more frequent and lasting longer worldwide.

The destructive blazes are driven at least in part by climate change, which exacerbates their scale and intensity, even in the northern winter months.

With temperatures spiking above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), wildfires are raging across several countries in Europe, prompting mass evacuations.

Wildfires are spreading across Europe as the combination of heatwaves and droughts are making it hard to combat the blazes in some regions.

On Wednesday, emergency services battled wildfires across swathes of southern Europe amid mass evacuations. Temperatures cooled in France and the United Kingdom but firefighters continue battling wildfires in Greece, Spain and Italy.

On Thursday, the European Forest Fire Information System said

were in extreme danger from the wildfires, while

In southwestern Slovenia, asevere wildfirewas reported on Thursday in Kostanjevica na Krasu, a very dry and windy area.

EFFISFire Danger Forecast for 21 July